GDAM Documentation

Dave Benson

Geoff Matters

Table of Contents
The Programs in GDAM
Important Files
2. Installing GDAM
Quick Installation Guide
Installing From Precompiled Packages
Installing From Compiled Source
Running Gdam
Compiling GDAM from Source
Compiling GDAM from CVS Source
Compiling on FreeBSD
Configuring the Server Config File
Setting Up Permissions
Setting Up Festival
Computers Without Soundcards
Computers With Multiple Soundcards
Installing Multiple Soundcards On A Linux System
Supporting Multiple Soundcards In GDAM
Supporting Four-Channel or "Surround" Soundcards In GDAM
3. gdam-server: Audio Processing Server
Running gdam-server
Recording Sound from the gdam-server
Starting and Stopping Recording with gdamcli
Starting and Stopping Recording with record-mp3 and record-stop
Recording from within the GUI
Setting Up Something to Record
Icecast / Shoutcast
4. gdam-launcher: GDAM's GUI
Running gdam-launcher
Available Components
Skin Hotkeys
The Turntable
Turntable Overview
Other Controls
The Wheels
The Builder
Using the Various Filters
Using the Equalization Filter
Using the Fader
Using the Bounce Filter
Using the Spin Filter
Using the Fir Filter
Using the Flange
Using the Mininetwork
The Buffer Editor
Loading a Buffer
Moving Around and Selecting
Operating on the Selected Region
The Beat Calculator
Beat Calculator Example
The Sequencer
Overview of Beat Matching in GDAM
5. gdamcli: Command Line Interface to the GDAM Server
Running gdamcli
gdamcli Command Summary
6. gdam123: Command Line Mp3 Player
Running gdam123
Key Bindings
Ex-Style Commands
7. LADSPA Support
Ladspa Plugins
Installing LADSPA
Installing ladspapluginmaker
How to Write LADSPA Plugins Using GDAM
Using the Mininetwork
Saving the New Filter
Converting the Filter to a LADSPA Plugin
Loading LADSPA Filters with GDAM
8. Hardware Input Support
Hardware Input in GDAM
MIDI Controllers
Ultrasonic Rangefinders
Secondary Computer Keyboards
Dynamic Input Assignment
Input Binding Files
Binding File Format
Binding Descriptions
Event Descriptions
Example Input Binding Files
Boss Dr Rhythm DR-660
Roland A-30 Midi Keyboard Controller
Assigning Input Bindings
A. Frequently Asked Questions
B. Troubleshooting
Common Problems and Solutions
GDAM Won't Compile?
GDAM seg faults?
GDAM Server Stalls on Play?
GDAM Outputs Loud Static?
GDAM Can't Load Plugins?
Executable and Plugin Versions Dont Match?
Reporting Problems
C. GDAM's Security Model
Root and Realtime

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