Development / Mailing List

Developer information can be found on our sourceforge page. There you can also sign on to mailing lists, report bugs, and participate in online forums.

Planned Features

These are larger features we'd like to see in gdam. If you would like to work on one of these tasks, let us know.
  • Alternate mp3 decoder - mpg123 seems to choke on some vbr files, and doesn't seek that efficiently through a file. We're looking at several possibilities, trying to decide which is best. If you have info or opinions, let us know.
    • the "mpglib" code from mpg123
      • Doesn't support variable bitrate decoding particularly well.
      • Reportedly licensed under GPL.
    • the "mpglib" code as rewritten in lame
      • capable of handling vbr files that lame produces.
      • Reportedly licensed under GPL.
    • alsaplayer's rewritten mpg123 code
      • This code is hacked to seek efficiently through mp3 files. This might well cause less disk stress, and better performance.
      • Not certain if this has the problems with non-standard mp3 files that mpg123 seems to.
      • alsaplayer is released free, but seems to contain non-free code from mpg123??
    • xmms input plugin support.
      • Seems to handle non-standard mp3 formats.
      • No licensing problems, the code is free.
      • We'd get support for mod files, ogg/vorbis, shorten, and other formats for free.
  • OGG/Vorbis input support (for free with xxms input plugin support)
  • N-Band equalizer... low, mid, and high bands with the ability to cut out bands.
  • USB hardware support - figure out how to treat USB keyboards and pen tablets as generic character devices, write drivers for gdam hardware input.
  • Phase Vocoding filter - based on 'ceres' implementation.
  • General compression/rectification filter.
  • Slim 'instrument state vs. time' sequencing, ala groove boxes.
  • Sampling-oriented component.
  • Flashy skins.
  • Automatic Beat Detection - a popular but difficult request.

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