Latest GDAM Versions

The latest version is 0.942 (full changelog) Here are the packages:
  • source code
  • .
    • tarball.
  • Mac OS X binary distribution.
  • i386 rpm
    • i386 rpm, common libs
    • i386 rpm, server
    • i386 rpm, common client libs
    • i386 rpm, text-based clients
    • i386 rpm, graphical clients
    • i386 rpm, ALSA plugins (compiled for alsa 0.5; for alsa 0.9 compile from source or use oss compatability)
    • i386 rpm, [semifunctional] xmms plugin support
    • rpm, documentation
    • rpm, development headers
    • rpm, development documentation
    • src rpm
  • ppc rpm
    • sorry, please build from tarball.
  • i386 deb
    • i386 deb, common libs
    • i386 deb, server
    • i386 deb, common client libs
    • i386 deb, text-based clients
    • i386 deb, graphical clients
    • i386 deb, ALSA plugins (compiled for alsa 0.5; for alsa 0.9 compile from source or use oss compatability)
    • i386 deb, [semifunctional] xmms plugin support
    • deb, documentation
    • deb, development headers
    • deb, development documentation


Recently we've added a plugin generator (which uses the LADSPA plugin format). It is available:

For more ladspa information, see our ladspa support page.
For a complete list of recent GDAM packages, see our sourceforge filelist


The current working version of the source code is available via anonymous cvs access thanks to This code may be less stable than the latest package, but contains recent bug fixes and improvements. Compiling from source requires development libraries which the rpm and deb packages don't.

the following commands should suffice, press enter when prompted for a password.

  • cvs login
  • cvs -z3 co gdam

Then run to configure gdam.

Platform notes

GDAM has been made to work on debian, redhat 5.2, redhat 6.1, freebsd, linuxppc, and mac osx. We've been constantly changing the configuration and packaging in order to support as many systems as possible. If yours has problems (or works but isn't on the list) please We're eager to help get things working.

Currently, the code requires gtk 1.2.5+, and seems to work fine with gtk 1.3. Libglade 0.11 highly recommended, libglade-0.6 may not work. Readline is no longer required. Gtk theme engines < 0.10 had problems which resulted in empty tooltips and blank labels.

Package Dependencies

Redhat users may need the following packages (the development packages are only needed if compiling from source.) These may not be the most recent versions.

Old redhat systems might prefer source rpms...

If you use themes, get a recent version of gtk to avoid drawing problems.

Under Debian GNU/Linux you should apt-get the following (-dev may be dropped if not compiling from source)

  • libglade0-dev
  • libxml-dev
  • gtk-engines-pixmap (if you use gtk themes)
You should use at least "potato" (debian 2.2) or later for themes to work properly.

The Archives

These are ancient versions of GDAM. Perhaps of interest is the java version (available through alpha10). Here they are.

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