Chapter 6. gdam123: Command Line Mp3 Player

Table of Contents
Running gdam123
Key Bindings
Ex-Style Commands

Running gdam123

gdam123 is a command line utility to play mp3 files on a gdam server. It takes a list of mp3 files, and emulates mpg123's ^C handling. In addition, gdam123 features a healthy set of vi key bindings and playlist handling features.

gdam123 [--gdam-server host:port] [--device device] [-z] [ filename ...] [ directory ...] [ playlist ...]

Mp3 files, playlists, directories, and gdam song databases can be given on the command line. Playlists are files with some lines which are paths to mp3 files. If any path is not absolute, then the path to the playlist is prepended. If a directory is given, then any mp3 files within that directory will be added. Each directory will be sorted according to playlist or ccdb data files which exist in that directory. Subdirectories are recursively processed. If -z is given, the playlist is shuffled before playback.

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