Chapter 5. gdamcli: Command Line Interface to the GDAM Server

Table of Contents
Running gdamcli
gdamcli Command Summary

Running gdamcli

gdamcli is a barebone text interface to the gdam-server. It is useful for

gdamcli [--gdam-server host:port] [--device device] [ [script_name | -e "command"] ...]

Gdamcli is a command line interface which allows one to examine the state of the mixer, and adjust sources by hand. ls $mixer returns a list of sources attached the top level mixer. detach n removes source n from the mix (useful if an unwanted song is somehow playing on the server.) ls n returns info about source n. set n arg value sets argument arg to value for source n. Each source has its own set of arguments, which can be determined by ls'ing it.

If no script_names or commands are given, gdamcli enters into "interactive mode" much like many shells. Commands and script_names are useful for automated tasks.

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