Geoff Matters grew up with a love of music, and from early on involved himself with various bands and projects. He studied Computer Science for four years at California Institute of Technology, where in 1998 he began developing "GDAM" open-source software for digital dj mixing, remixing, and live music performance. Geoff is particularly interested in novel and useful physical interfaces for live music performance, including repurposed game controllers ( dancepads and turntables) and scientific equipment (ultrasonic rangefinders). After relocating to New York, in 2001 he was a founder of "Share" forum and open jam for audio and video artists and developers. Under several monikers (geoffGDAM, Lance Blisters), he does dj, live and interactive performances at various parties and clubs in the US and Europe, as well as festivals including Electroluxe, Phonotaktik (with artists from Vienna), Transfert (with artists from France) and Mixology. He has participated in panels and presentations on GDAM, Share, jamming and collaborative performance, trends in music software and controllers, and live sampling. Geoff contributed music to an interactive video mixing installation at American Museum of the Moving Image, and has set up interactive music installations where people control music through dance and play. Geoff composed music for Dance Kumiko Kimoto's piece "Mech[a]", and performed the music live for each show. With Share, he has helped organize several large-scale musical events including an all-city open jam and "Anyware", a concert of internet collaborations at The Kitchen, NYC.

digital dj (re)mixes:

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